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Tips for Coping with Kids’ Tantrums from Pediatric Specialists in Colorado Springs

Tantrums are common in kids aged 1 to 3 or higher. Learn how to handle the situation with tips from pediatric specialists in Colorado Springs.

Dealing with Kids’ Tantrums with the Help of Pediatric Specialists in Colorado Springs

Tantrums are very common in toddlers and children of pre-school age. This is how children deal with situations that annoy or irritate them if they have no proper means to express how they feel or what they want. While it is common, it is not less embarrassing for the parents who have to deal with their child’s tantrums in public. So, if you have children, be sure to follow these tips from pediatric specialists in Colorado Springs the next time your kids have a tantrum episode.

Dealing with Tantrums the Right Way

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There are different types and manifestations of tantrums for every kid. Some children might cry loudly, flail about, kick, and scream, while others vomit or hold their breath. As mentioned before, this is very common in children between the ages of one to three. During this stage, their social and emotional skills are still developing, so they often do not know how to use words to express how they feel.

Below are the best tips from pediatric specialists in Colorado Springs that can help you handle these situations better:

  • Keep calm. If your child is already throwing a tantrum or a fit, you have to maintain a calm demeanor. If you get mad at them or spank them, this will only worsen the situation. It will further elevate their stress levels and make them act more wildly. Instead, talk to them calmly and try to pacify them. You can pick them up and hold them close. Children use non-verbal signs to communicate with adults. Screaming at them won’t help the situation.

  • Distract your child. Another great technique to ease up your child’s tantrum is to distract them. You can give them their favorite toy or food. This will help to distract their mind from the cause of the tantrum. And since a tantrum is often caused by stress, this is a good trick to divert their attention from stressors.

  • Take charge. A lot of children throw a tantrum because they want certain things done their way. You can be calm yet still impose your authority. Instead of asking them questions, give them a command. For instance, tell them to go to bed instead of asking them to go to bed. Make them feel like they have no other choice but to follow your command. It is also a good way to train them that throwing a tantrum isn’t the best approach to get what they want.

  • Reward your child when they behave. This is positive reinforcement. If you like how your child behaves, be sure to reward them for it. This is a good way to train their minds that behaving well will be good for them.

Do You Need Pediatric Specialists in Colorado Springs?

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Occupational therapy in Colorado Springs can help you deal with tantrums. This is a common problem for parents, so don’t feel like your child’s case is hopeless. Make sure you find the best occupational therapy Colorado Springs company to aid you in coping with this and other types of behavioral problems.

At WellCare, we have experts that can help your child cope with tantrums. At the same time, parents are also taught how to handle these situations. If you’re interested, you can visit our physical therapy clinics in Colorado Springs. Visit our website to get the full address. You may also schedule a free screening before you book an appointment.