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Self-Regulation Problems in Children as Explained by Pediatric Specialists Colorado Springs

Difficulties in self-regulation in children can have a negative impact on them. Understand the condition and the best solutions to address the problem.

Understand Self-Regulation Problems in Kids to Help Your Child Best

Is your child capable of keeping their emotions in check at the slightest upsetting stimuli? Is your child able to handle frustrations without a major meltdown?

If you answer no to both questions and see these events happening more often than usual, you may need to have your child checked by pediatric specialists Colorado Springs. It is possible that they have difficulty self-regulating, something many associate with self-control but is actually different.

What is self-regulation?

It is the ability of children to manage their behavior, body movement, and emotions in a situation that they find tough to handle. For example, if they're upset for any reason, they figure out a way to calm themselves down. If their expectations change, they can adjust and be flexible instead of giving in to frustrated outbursts. Children develop self-regulation over time. This is why throwing tantrums is more prevalent in kids aged four than 12.

Children with ADHD and those with sensory processing issues, however, struggle with self-regulation. Instead, they will show signs of emotional dysregulation. To get a proper diagnosis, have your child checked by a pediatric occupational therapy Colorado Springs company. All you need to do is to schedule a free screening.

Why do kids with ADHD struggle with self-regulation?

Children with ADHD lack the ability to:

  • Control impulses. They end up saying and doing things that are inappropriate in the situation.
  • Manage emotions. They overreact and resort to temper tantrums.
  • Think with flexibility. They get frustrated when a change impacts their expectations.
  • Think before they act. When frustrated, they give in to their anger instead of finding ways to calm down.

All these lead to emotional dysregulation. Without the help of pediatric physical therapy clinics Colorado Springs, you and your child will suffer.

Why do kids with sensory processing issues struggle with self-regulation?

The inability to process sensory issues that affect the five traditional senses and the three lesser known senses--interoception, proprioception, and vestibular--is caused by the nervous system's difficulty to self-regulate. Kids affected by the condition have a hard time handling situations where their senses are overloaded and overwhelmed.

For example, you went to the store to buy toys. But due to the overwhelming display and the huge crowd, your child will experience a sensory overload, resulting in a meltdown.

How can pediatric specialists Colorado Springs help your child?

They can provide your child with a variety of ways and activities to help with cognitive, emotional, and sensory regulation.

The main focus would be:

  • To help your child recognize and process what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way.
  • To help them develop coping skills so they feel more in control of their reactions and emotions.
  • To help your child effectively express their feelings in a manner that is constructive and promotes self awareness.

A pediatric specialist will also work on setting goals that your child must meet in order for bigger goals to be set.

Parents and carers will also learn how to help kids remain calm and able to work through an emotional situation. This can be done through:

  • Physical contact such as high fives, holding hands, and hugs.
  • Verbal reassurances, such as speaking in a calm tone, positive words, and singing.
  • Comforting body language such as smiling and reassuring nods.

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