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Speech Therapy

speech therapy

Speech Language Therapy

Although people often think of speech and language as the same thing, the terms have very different meanings. If the child has trouble with speech, he/she struggles with the "how-to" of talking-the coordination of the muscles and movements necessary to produce speech. If the child has trouble with language, he/she struggles with understanding what he/she hears or sees. The child may struggle to find the right words and/or organize those words in a meaningful way to communicate a message or hold a conversation. Therapy may also evaluate and treat children who have difficulty swallowing food or liquid.

What can a Speech Language Pathologist do?
  • Evaluate the child's level of performance
  • Observe the child's home and school environment to determine how it may be modified to support speech and language development
  • Develop a plan of treatment in coordination with other health care professionals who are treating the child
  • Teach age appropriate speech and language skills and safe swallowing techniques
  • Educate about stages of speech and language development and safe swallow techniques
  • Consult with individuals involved in the child's daily life
What can parents and families do?
  • Stay educated about the child's treatment plan
  • Be involved with your child's therapy and progress
  • Follow through with suggested activities to encourage further development