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Occupational Therapy

occupational therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on a sensory approach, a motor approach or a combination of these approaches to improve a child's ability to take in and use experiences of touch, taste, sound, sight and movement. Treatment also includes play and social skills, incorporating hand strength, grasp, cognition and following directions.

What can an Occupational Therapist do?
  • Evaluate the child's level of performance
  • Observe the child's natural environment to determine how it may be modified to promote maximal learning
  • Develop a plan of treatment in coordination with other health care professionals who are treating the child
  • Teach age appropriate self-care routines, play skills, social skills, and sensory regulation
  • Educate about stages of physical, mental and behavioral development Consult: with individuals involved in the child's daily life
What can parents and families do?
  • Stay educated about the child's treatment plan
  • Be involved with your child's therapy and progress
  • Follow through with suggested activities to encourage further development