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What is Late Speech and How Do You Deal with Speech Issues?

Get to know what late speech is all about and be equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to deal with it.

Late Speech or Speech Problems in Children Linked to Autism

Each child has a different pace at which they develop their motor and cognitive skills. However, language and speech delays or issues are common signs of autism. If your child suffers from late speech or other speech problems such as repetitive speech, it might be time to consult an expert.

Some experts and parents take these issues to seem minor for a child. However, it can be challenging for them as they grow old, especially in coping in social situations. Learn the reasons why it is important to consult a therapist.

Late Speech as a Sign of Autism

Does Late Speech and Other Speech Issues Signal Autism? (Image Source: Unsplash)

Late speech does not always indicate that your child has autism. But it is a common symptom associated with children who have autism. If you observe that your child has speech problems, it might be time to see an expert.

Below are important pointers you need to know about speech problems and how they relate to autism:

Non-usage of Right Words

A common indicator that a child has a speech delay and autism is when they do not use words at all to communicate. Instead, they use non-verbal communication methods to get their message across. For example, a child would pull on your shirt or point to things that they want instead of using speech to communicate.

Unclear Expression

Another example of autism due to speech delay is when a child uses words to communicate but it isn’t expressed very clearly. It could be that they are struggling to find the right words to communicate. They are unable to verbally pronounce those words.

Repetitive Speech

Children might do a repetitive speech that happens because they had to repeat what they’re saying over and over again to be understood. In some cases, they would supplement their words with gestures or sounds to be understood.

Delay on Speech Development

There are other signs of autism that is linked to a child’s speech development. Among these signs are the inability to hold their attention, reliance on gestures to communicate, babbling speech, repetitive speech, communicating only using certain words, and odd use of words.

There are more speech-related signs of autism than these and in some cases more than one symptom is present. It is important to see a pediatric speech therapy expert at the soonest possible time to ensure early intervention. It is also important to discuss with your child's therapist about other signs of autism and how they can be addressed.

Need Help with Repetitive Speech and Other Speech Problems?

Image Source: Unsplash

Whether your child suffers from repetitive speech, late speech, or something else, Wellcare Pediatric Therapy Specialists can help! As the number one provider of pediatric therapy in Colorado Springs, we can guarantee that your child will be able to restore their speech and language development.

If you want our experts to diagnose your child, you can schedule an appointment here. Our pediatric speech therapy experts are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to repetitive speech and autism. It is our goal to ensure your child can perform their best at home, school, or any other social situation.

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