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Speech Therapy Colorado Springs: Elicit Language in a Special Needs Child in a Restaurant

Language development is crucial for special needs children. You can follow these language tips at a restaurant setting to aid in their learning.

Language Development Tips for Your Special Needs Child in a Restaurant

A special needs child is someone that requires special attention, as the name implies. Wherever you go, be it at home or at a restaurant, you need to know how to handle their language signals. You can use the techniques used by experts during speech therapy in Colorado Springs to make the situation easy to manage.

How to Handle Language Time in a Restaurant?

Tips to help special children cope with language development

Whenever you take your child out with you in a restaurant, it is your aim to make this a favorable experience for them. Make them feel like they have a ‘say’ in which restaurant you go to by helping them choose. If you can, provide a visual representation of each restaurant to help them in picking. When making them choose, stick to two or three options so they won’t be too overwhelmed.

Once that is taken care of, you can focus on adapting some of the techniques used in pediatric home care in Colorado. Use these language tips to benefit your special needs child in a restaurant:

  • Use this time as an opportunity to expand your child’s language vocabulary. Educate them about the name of the restaurant and the type of food being served. You can use the menu as a tool for teaching your child. With special needs children, the use of visual aids can be very useful in developing their communication and comprehension. It will be more effective in stimulating their senses and making it easier for them to learn the language.
  • Work on their social skills. A restaurant is a social setting so make sure you use this opportunity to initiate conversations with your child. It is also a great idea to encourage interaction with other people, such as the waiting staff or the other guests. But do not force your child to socialize with other people in the restaurant. Take cues from them and find the approach that would be easiest for them to adapt. Work on those conversations with them while you are waiting for your food to be served. It helps to keep them busy and distracted, too.
  • Give sequencing a go. This is another language technique that experts on speech therapy in Colorado Springs teach. Visiting a restaurant is a great way to master this technique for your special needs child. Use this activity as an example of a social story. Talk them through every step of the process – from walking in to the restaurant, placing your order, and dining.
  • Foster development on literacy and sight words. Look for sight words you can potentially find in the restaurant in the form of signs on the doors or rooms (i.e. exit signs or bathroom signs). Again, the visual cues can promote faster learning for your child.
  • Describe the food to them. As they enjoy the food, help them to learn descriptive words associated with the experience. Is the food crunchy or soggy? Is the food warm or cold? Use these descriptive elements and combine it with the experience to boost their language skills.

Get Help from Experts on Speech Therapy in Colorado Springs

Language development for special needs children

Language development is crucial for children with special needs. With the help of experts from WellCare pediatrics, you can be assured that they employ the most effective techniques for language development.

Is your child in need of pediatric speech therapy in Colorado Springs? Make sure to contact us so we can develop the best program tailored for your child’s needs. You can also schedule a free screening so your child can be properly assessed. We are open from Mondays to Fridays, and by appointment only on weekends.