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Parents Can Take Advantage of Pediatric Speech Therapy in Colorado Springs to Help Children with Special Needs Show Gratitude for Gifts

Pediatric therapists can help children with special needs show gratitude when receiving gifts. Find out how and other services they offer.

Speech Therapy Helps Special Needs Children Show Gratitude for Gifts

Saying “thank you” is a very important virtue that everyone, regardless of being born normal or with limitations, should be nurtured with or cultivate. It is one of those life behaviors that help an individual survive and be well-liked among their peers and the community.

But if training a normal child about saying “thank you” could take some time, it could be more challenging for a child with special needs to show gratitude for kindness or favors bestowed on them.

The good news is the trait can be taught.

Every child needs loving care no matter how they were born or what conditions they may have.

Every Child is Precious, Unique

Regardless of whether born healthy and without issues or with limitations, each child is unique, calling for special, loving care. If they do have special needs, however, they should have access to all the help available.

It starts with seeking professional help at the first sign of developmental delays or problems. A specialist can recommend tests relative to hearing and vision acuity, and tests for early recognition of possible rare and serious conditions, including those that determine if a child has special needs.

The very same people can help your child gain traits and behaviors that will make them outstanding individuals. Learning should continue at home, however, and you can further help them develop their skills outside of a clinic or therapy session.

How to Help Kids with Special Needs Show Appreciation for Gifts

Practice, Practice, Practice

Constant practice is one of the ways cited by Diane Nancarrow, a speech-language pathologist, for a child to learn the desired behavior of saying “thank you.” Even when there’s no occasion, wrap gifts and help your child master the art of accepting them.

Whether a child likes a gift or not, ask them to look at the giver in the eye, show appreciation of how the gift is wrapped by looking at the package before tearing the wrapper, and then say “thank you” with a smile.

Foster gratitude at an early age

Teach your child when and how to show their appreciation for gifts, favors, and for things done for them. There are several activities you can do to achieve this.

Create a Thank You collage where your child can draw or write about things they’re thankful for. They can also cut out pictures and stick it on the collage.

Teach them by example. Make sure “thank you” becomes part of their vocabulary and that they know when to give it away, even when gifts aren’t involved.

Have them write “thank you” notes and to give them out when the occasion calls for it.

It’s the thought that counts

Speech therapy can help children show gratitude when receiving gifts by saying “thank you.”

Cliched as this may sound but this kind of mindset will ensure your child will remain grateful when they receive gifts they don’t like. It should be explained to the child that it is the thought behind the gift that is most important and not the gift itself.

Take Full Advantage of Pediatric Speech Therapy Colorado Springs

Parents with speech-delayed children should take advantage of pediatric speech therapy in Colorado Springs. This is especially helpful if your child is grateful but is having a hard time expressing themselves.

Apart from behavioral and psychological therapies, speech therapy in Colorado Springs also integrates therapies for feeding and swallowing issues.

Let WellCare pediatrics help

We offer pediatric home care in Colorado so your child is provided professional care within the comfort of home. Hence, whether at home or at work, you are confident that competent, individualized, appropriate and caring service is given to your child.

WellCare, in consultation with your child’s health care provider, can extend individualized therapeutic care. Do you want to learn more about our specific services? Browse through our website or speak to our therapists. We are on social media, too. Like and follow us on Facebook or email us at info@wellcareco.com.