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Heavy Work Can Help Children with Sensory Difficulties Through the Help of Physical Therapies in Colorado

Heavy work helps children develop their physicality and motor functions better by using strategies to improve awareness of their body and its orientation in space.

How Heavy Work for Children Help Their Sensory Development

We are all aware of the 5 senses we learned back in primary school. These are sight, hearing, scent, touch, and taste. But did you know there are actually 8 senses? That's right!

The other three are known as secret senses and are used in the speech therapy world. These three are vestibular, proprioception, and interoception. We will be focusing on proprioception today.

If your child is having sensory difficulties, it may be time to consult a professional about getting therapy for their sense of proprioception. Here are the things you must consider.

What is Proprioception?

Proprioceptionn is the sense in therapy that is used to help children improve how they function on a day to day basis.

Essentially, it is sensing how your body orients itself in a given space. It can also be described as the presence of the body in different settings.

How It Works

There are children that have difficulty in sensing how their body is oriented in various settings. It manifests through short attention spans and even in difficulties in regulating themselves. This means that they find it hard to control their actions made through the body.

The heavy work strategy is used to target the sense of proprioception. It helps children understand how the body is in different spaces and settings in order to better orient themselves.

It is an activity that pushed and/or pulls the body. It targets the joints of the child as the sensors are located there. When the joints are pushed or pulled, they receive messages. These messages are sent to the brain. The brain then tells the body to regulate the bodily motions.

Examples of the strategies include taking out the trash, sweeping, cooking, playing on the playground, doing exercises, and many more.

These methods can be integrated into your child's free play time too so it is not a shocking change for them.

Child playing outside (Image Source: Pexels)

You can visit any physical therapy Colorado specialist for more information about this or you can check out the rest of our site.

Who Is It For?

Heavy work therapy helps children who have short attention spans, who are under-responsive, who are not alert, and who are distressed most of the time.

It can also help others who, although do not feel those mentioned above, want to boost their sense of proprioception!


It is helpful to develop the sense of proprioception in your child for various reasons.

Heavy Work therapy helps the child regulate himself or herself. This translates through their creativity and attention span. People have also said that heavy work therapy makes children feel safer and more secure.

It is essential for you to take your child to a specialist to have these strategies done, especially if your child is having difficulties with his or her space orientation. Early intervention is the key to better results.