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Effective Activities for Enhancing Children’s Language and Speech Therapy In Colorado Springs

Check out some of the fun indoor and outdoor activities that can help enhance your children’s speech and language skills.

Speech and Language Activities for Your Kids in the Winter Season

Winter can be one of the best seasons as this time of year gives parents lots of opportunities to enjoy some fun activities with their kids at home. So, what exactly can you do so that your children can have an effective language and speech therapy in Colorado Springs during the snowy months?

Activity Ideas for Speech Therapy in Colorado Springs

A little girl with her gnome doing some fun indoor activities during the winter time.

Here are some indoor speech and language activities you can enjoy with your child during the winter time:


You can read a Christmas story out loud for your children and then ask them to retell it in their own words. You may also ask them questions about the story, most preferably something that is not answerable by a simple yes or no. This way, you can make your children practice their communication skills.

Another way to make this activity a fun one is to bring a story to life with your children dressing up and acting as the characters. However, doing this depends on the level of the kids’ speech and language skills. If you have a child with limited speech abilities, you may use word strips and carrier phrases to help them participate in the activity instead.

Playing board games

There are many board games that you and your children can play which can be used for facilitating speech and language therapy. The attention span and cooperating skills of your child can be increased, and so will their talking and social abilities.

Baking or cooking

Preparing a meal for your family and letting your children help you can also be a good activity for improving speech skills. This kind of activity can help increase your kids' vocabulary skills as you can play a little game by making them name the ingredients or the instruments used in cooking or baking. You can also have your children recall the things that you did later in the day to help them improve their speech and memory skills.

What Can You Do for Outdoor Winter Speech Therapy in Colorado Springs?

Some fun things that you can do in the outdoors include building a snowman and having your children name the things that you used in making one. You can also go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood and ask your kids to describe the different scenes or views as you pass them by. Lastly, if there’s a lake or river near your home, check if you can go ice skating since that’s always an awesome activity for everyone.

Children doing outdoor activities in the snow.

Where to Go for Pediatric Speech Therapy in Colorado Springs?

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