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Choosing Toys for Speech Delayed Children: Tips from Providers of Pediatric Home Care Colorado

This article provide tips in choosing toys that will help in a child’s speech development and why in-home speech therapy is best.

How to Choose Appropriate Toys Speech Delayed Children Can Benefit From

With the services pediatric home care Colorado clinics offer, helping a child with speech and language delay is much more convenient. This is especially true for busy parents and those who are more comfortable having their children treated at home.

Developmental delays are much more common than most people think. In fact, there are more than 400,000 children who are between three and nine years old that receive care for developmental delays. Additionally, the risk is much higher for boys than for girls.

Early intervention and treatment, however, help kids gain skills significantly. Thus, there is a need to have children checked at the first sign of developmental delays. Furthermore, the prevalence of speech disorder is much higher than that of language disorders.

Musical toys can help a child’s speech development.

Is your child experiencing such problems?

Speech therapy Colorado Springs clinic offers the best solution. Therapy sessions don't have to start and stop at the clinic, however.

To ensure that treatment continues at home, supplement it with toys that a speech delayed child will significantly benefit from.

How do you choose the right toys?

1) Look for those they can use to make noises with

Replicas of farm animals, for example, make the perfect tools for teaching your kids the different sounds that these creatures make and to establish an easy association. Dogs say woof woof, while cows say moo, for example.

2) Opt for toys that can be used in a variety of ways

Open-ended toys for speech delayed children are ideal

Also known as open-ended toys, they encourage creative freedom in children, especially in how they can use and manipulate them. These items can be categorized as blocks, arts and crafts, puzzles and games, science and STEM, and pretend play props.

Some very good examples are:

  • LEGOs
  • Letter blocks
  • Train tracks
  • Art supply kits
  • Stamps
  • Wooden puzzles
  • Alphabet puzzles
  • Board games
  • Slime kits
  • Bug kits
  • Doctor kit
  • Pretend food
  • Dollhouse

3) Don't limit your options based on gender

A research done on “The Impact of Specific Toys on Play” showed that girls enjoy the highest quality play with construction toys, vehicles, and other male-oriented playthings. Although children are often influenced to choose toys based on gender, as studies have shown repeatedly, providing them with non-gender-specific options is helpful in their speech development.

4) Ditch toys that teach number and letters

A speech delayed child learns best with flashing lights and music, and engaging in different activities than reading and counting. Toys that get them moving are more ideal than educational ones. So, choose those instead.

Using these tips, you can stock up on toys that will help your child rise above their speech disorder.

Why opt for pediatric home care Colorado

  • Boosts healing, what with children being more responsive at home than any other environment
  • More personalized care since your child will be the only one a provider of in-home pediatric speech therapy Colorado Springs will deal with
  • Saves more money, especially in terms of transportation costs and other expenses incurred along the way
  • More involvement by family members, providing each one the tools and knowledge to make speech therapy a group effort

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